We design it all. We make it all. And we install it all, too.

We do important things for you that most design firms politely decline. We take a blank piece of paper and give you back an awesome, built space. Soup to nuts: concept ideation, programming, space planning, architectural design and development, furniture, environmental graphics and décor, inside and out.

We are mad hatters, globe trotters, dreamers, noodlers, tinkerers. Our savvy creative team thinks it up; whip-smart technical geniuses craft it into shape. Then our puzzle-makers take over; practiced craftsmen build it; and skilled artisans make and put it up.


At D L Design, we know that planning is crucial to the success of every business, and every project. Our team of technical experts helps to create a plan of approach for your project, then combs through the needs of the client and creates intelligent, well-written plans that solve problems and provide solutions.

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Design is the expression of your brand, an extension of your company. Our design team opens up their senses to create perfection for you. We observe your brand and the neighborhood you are moving into, listen to your needs, keep our minds open for new ideas. Every element is designed with purpose, telling a story and creating connections.

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Most design firms just design. At D L English, we are ready to take your designs and make them real. We don’t just create design documents, our in-house building and fabrication capabilities mean we can take wood, metal, plastics and fabrics and create unique pieces. This eliminates the need to search for a shop with the capabilities to build what your designer helped to think up – what we design, we can build.

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We want to see the design through, to make sure that every piece is in its place, every screw tighten properly. The installation of designs and fixtures is just as important, if not more important, than the design and build of them. It is the last opportunity to make sure everything is correct, to fix any issues that may come up, and to polish the project off. Why go with a design firm that is fine leaving the install to someone else? At D L English, our install team makes sure everything is picture perfect.

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