We Aim To Wow

Every design, every tweak, every step in a retail setting is the opportunity to make a sale. Retail spaces need to be carefully considered, telling a brand’s story while pacing customers and controlling an experience. From how the customer enters the store, to controlling lighting and sight lines, to determining how fast you want the customers to walk through and where you want them to pause, to the right lighting, every choice is crucial.

At D L Design, we create retail experiences that convert. We work with you to plan layouts and flow through your store, developing designs that help your products to take center stage. Custom or off-the-shelf display options are considered, providing a range of choices that fits the vibe you’re seeking – if you can think it up, our team can design and build it. We use our decades of experience in retail design to help use lighting to direct the eye, to present your product vibrantly while also ensuring that your customers feel comfortable. In the end, it all works to create an exciting, intriguing experience for your customers that wraps with a sale for you.

Unique Capabilities

Collaborating with our clients, listening to their desires, observing their surroundings and the habits of potential customers – we take this all into account during our design process. From the start, our creative team works with two visions in mind, what the brand is and what the space will be. It needs to represent your brand, but at the same time fit with the surrounding community and the demographic you want to pull your clients from. Drawing from experience, always with an eye on trends, our team searches for the right mix of function and form. Highly-skilled technical minds evaluate design choices, creating plans that can direct, that can draw attention.

When the time comes to turn plan into action, D L Design is one of the rare design houses that can continue the project. We have procurement and planning teams that tirelessly seek the right fixtures and furniture for your space – and if they can’t find it, we have in-house fabrication capabilities for metalwork, millwork, and more, to make truly one-of-a-kind pieces. We bring it all together in your space itself, with project management and installation abilities to make sure every piece is fitted as it should be, and the your store is ready to greet your first customers.