Restaurants & Bars

We Aim To Wow

There are plenty of ways for consumers to get good food. You’re not just selling them food, you are selling them a night away from home. Not just taste, but aromas, a scene, feelings, an experience. It all comes together, enticing them in, and keeping them coming back time and time again. Not just a feast for the stomach, a feast for all senses.

That’s why food service design is so crucial to the success of restaurants and bars across the region. You can’t just place a few tables and hope that customers flock to you. At D L Design, we take into account everything that can make a bar or restaurant tick. From materials, colors, and finishes that represent your brand yet drive your customers to decisions, to massing models that help manage the flow of customers and staff, to the flow necessary for the kitchen and back-of-house to keep the food and drink flowing. We consider the mechanics that are needed for success, and adapt your vision around them.

Unique Capabilities

From incubating a concept to polishing off completed work, our team at D L Design brings a mix of talents and abilities that creates revolutionary spaces. Combining intuition developed from years of experience with open minds always seeking new solutions for design challenges, we are problem solvers. From step one with our creative team through final installation, we seek to collaborate, creating spaces that shine for you and are ready to be the centerpiece of your business for years to come.

With superior craftsmen, designers with flair, planners utilizing the latest in flow and massing modelling, and procurement specialists who know how to find just the right pieces, we develop your bar or restaurant space to create your identity. We don’t just design and find – our in-house building and installing capabilities allow us to fabricate what we design, meaning that we provide one-of-a-kind offerings that you will never see in another space. Why settle for something you can pick out of a catalog?