Making It Tick

Behind every design is a purpose. Our planning capabilities solve problems. It’s a space that doesn’t just look great, but improves flow of staff and customers. It’s materials that aren’t just beautiful, but responsible. It’s finding unique pieces, and making sure they are ready for you.

Space Planning and Layout

Designing a store, bar, restaurant, or other space means not just creating a visual masterpiece, but one that is well thought-out. It means planning, drawing and redrawing, constant refinement and evolution of plans. Our team takes your operations, listening to your needs and observing, developing space that helps customers to ebb and flow, to move in a way that drives business. Combining the latest in CAD programming with knowledge drawn from years in the industry, we plan and layout a space that excels.

Design Development

Every design needs plans that will bring it to fruition. Our design development capabilities range from providing working drawings through utilizing our AutoCAD knowledge, to creating RCP/Lighting plans and specifications, to providing written finish specifications.

LEED and Sustainable Sourcing

We are all stewards of our earth, and we can all contribute to preserving our local and global environments by making efforts to be responsible in our business. Through following LEED framework, we create healthy, efficient spaces that offer advantages not just for the environment, but for customers and stockholders alike. By working with and listening to artisans and responsible vendors, we seek sustainably sourced elements that don’t just look good, but also do good.

Furniture and Fixture Procurement

It’s no good to design around and include elements if you can’t get your hands on them when the time comes to bring the space together. Our ace procurement specialists can find that special piece, the objects and designs that speak to you, and ensure that they are on time and as expected. What we can’t procure, we can create in our world-class fabrication shop.