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Deborah Leigh English

President & Founder

Deborah English has been creating enticing consumer-based environments through design, architecture, graphics, and art for over thirty years. It is through her leadership that the creative
strategy will be envisioned and defined. She will stay involved through the life of the project to help ensure that the design promise to you is completely and exceptionally fulfilled.

Deborah Is a vocal advocate for the merging of art and architecture. Passionate about both, she strives to manifest this creative vision in all DL English Design projects. She uses her Influence to create a greater awareness In both her client base and the consumer community through highly original, Intentional ‘hand-crafted spaces’.

Prior to starting the firm English was Vice President of Store Design and Construction for Wherehouse Entertainment, Inc. and Bristol Farms Markets, Inc.

Giovana Kuehn

Senior Designer

Giovana P. Kuehn, Glo for short, brings more than a decade of International experience in collaborating with visionaries to brand, conceptualize, design and build retail and hospitality projects that cue discovery and affinity. Glo's strategy for designing is to draw a relationship between the past and the future of the project to ensure it will endure throughout time and
positively Influence its surroundings.

Giovana P. Kuehn, Glo for short, brings more than a decade of International experience in collaborating with visionaries to brand, conceptualize, design and build retail and hospitality projects that cue discovery and affinity. Glo's strategy for designing is to draw a relationship between the past and the future of the project to ensure it will endure throughout time and positively Influence its surroundings.

Her body of work includes:
Belgrade Waterfront Shopping Mall
Shaoguan Mall City
Stir Market
Freson Bros. Fresh Market
Monkeypod Kitchen Restaurant
Santa Monica Seafood Market
CODA Experience Center Showroom
Cinelicious 4K DI Theater

Christopher Girt

Design Director

A licensed architect In California, Chris has been creating expressive and conceptually Intriguing Interior, architectural and urban spaces for over 20 years. His approach to design
considers the local and contextual conditions and assimilates them into a concept that is both fundamentally functional and an authentic expression of place.

Throughout his 20 years of experience, his project work has encompassed commercial, hospitality, retail, mixed-use, Interiors, multi-unit housing projects, custom homes, historic rehabilitation, as well as master planning projects. Chris has a sharp eye for detail and translates that orientation Into every aspect of the design execution. His exceptional design ability, project management, and client services traits make him Invaluable to our clients, and to the success of each project.

His body of work Includes:
Saladang Song Restaurant
Petro's Greek Restaurant
Vroman's Museum Collection
Pasadena Christian Center
Metlox Center
Shade Hotel
Claremont Village West & Town Square
Casa 425 Hotel
Westfield University Towne Center

Glenn Marckwardt

Director, Engineering & Production

Glenn excels in transforming conceptual design into real world general construction, decor, signage, and specialty retail fixtures. He has the ability to hear and understand the client’s needs and goals with a razor-sharp focus on excellence in execution, budgetary discipline, and customer service. His works closely with the DLE design team to ensure that each aspect of the design intent is fully realized in final installation. With thirty years of expertise in retail design development, construction, manufacturing, and installation services he has mastered the art of his craft.

Glenn maintains a core proficiency in the management of multiple clients and roll-out projects, having successfully completed retail interiors over the years for companies such as Wegmans, Ralphs, Raleys / Bel Air, Vons / Pavilions, Gelson’s, Fred Meyer, Office Max, Washington Mutual, Clearwire, Brunos / Food World, Jewel / Osco, and Sav-on. He manages all aspects of execution including site-by-site design adaptation of established decor and branding programs to fit within the established prototype design criteria. A life-long tinkerer, Glenn not only thinks outside the box, but he likes to take the box apart and reassemble it in ways others may not have even considered. His background includes many years of race-car fabrication as a formula car racing team manager and chassis engineer. These experiences have molded his abilities to work in any fabrication medium and look to many different and interesting ways to bring new fabrication methods and materials into the retail arena.

Tyler English

Oliver Lan

Senior Designer, Branded Environments

Oliver Lan leads the environmental graphic design team as they deliver a client's brand and voice into a structured space through décor, signage, 2D graphics, and messaging. Oliver Is a strong proponent for the ability of typography, and graphics to Infuse a space with an inspiring and communicative voice. His legacy work Includes a range of projects from nonprofits design, corporate branding and Identities, to digital user experience design. His wide-range of experience has taught him to listen Intently to a client's needs while determining the brand's
core Identity and voice. In this way, he is able to truly craft a project's story and style that is relevant to the client and their customers.

His body of work includes:
The United Way
American Heart Association
Good People Theater Company
Cena & Nara Bank
Agostoni Chocolate
La Brea Bakery
Whole Foods Market
CWS Partners
Edwards Lifesciences

Tracey Woodward

Director, Marketing & Business Development

Tracey is a fearless creative thinker, and as such, she brings fresh adventurous thinking to every project. With over 20 years of experience helping luxury and lifestyle businesses cultivate
more vibrant brand expression and deeper relationships with their customers. She brings a cross-functional perspective to our client's needs with a focus on unique strategic branding and marketing methods and perspectives. Her experience includes marketing and strategy for new and established brands with hands-on engagement In brand development & management, website development, consumer and trade marketing for several multi-channel companies, she has held a number of senior marketing and consultant positions throughout the wine, spirits, and consumer packaged goods Industries.

Her body of work includes:
Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH)
Treasury Wine Estates
Sonoma Valley Vintners & Growers
Brown Forman
Del Monte
Safeway Stores



Paul Jarvis is a senior designer with a passion for functional spaces and how the end user is affected by the layout and branding. His background is in grocery retail design management and he is a foodie to the core. He has a Master of Interior Architecture and Product Design from Kansas State University where he was able to explore many different disciplines in design. From furniture design/build to lighting design to office space layout, he has been able to experience all facets of the Interior experience. His aim is to provide the client with a clear brand
that will then guide the design of the space. He loves to talk ideas and push the limits of what people say is possible.

His body of work spans many retail spaces for Whole Foods Market, Including:
Whole Foods Market Park City
Whole Foods Market Kansas City
Whole Foods Market Rocky Mountain Regional Office
Whole Foods Wichita
Whole Foods Olathe


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Creating success for our clients stems from building a company where our leaders and teammates are devoted to openness, where every person understands their opinions and expertise are valued. By valuing every perspective and investigating every insight, we create an atmosphere where innovation drives success forward. At the same time, our ideal of open minds and open hearts leads to a family environment where every employee, from the bottom to the top, knows they are highly valued members.

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At D L English, we are always looking for the next free thinker, the next puzzle-solver who thinks on their feet and is ready to contribute keen insight to our design process. We are looking for everyone from designers who seek innovative solutions, to craftsmen and artisans who are looking to use their skills to create unique design pieces and elements that drive brands forward.

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