Vision That Drives Success

The designs of spaces dictate how the customer experiences them, reaching out to every sense. You want to work with a team that brings creativity, innovation, and planning to the table to develop spaces that sell.

Branded Environment Design

The design of a space needs to drive an imprint on the client, it needs to create a story or move a narrative forward. Thorough research, diving deep into your brand and your target audience, meets with concepts and moods to deliver an identity. It creates a repeatable, immediately-identifiable experience that will be forever linked with your product.

Architectural Design

Stand-alone elements need to be seen in context, creating a scene from the many pieces. Conceptual interior design features interior views, artist renderings, and 3D massing models that help to give your ideas life.

Storefront and Exterior Design

The cover to your book – despite what your parents told you, you’ll be judged on it. It presents your store and brand to the world, and needs to retain your brand’s image and drive its narrative. At the same time, it needs to merge with the neighborhood around you while standing out enough to make an impact. This is a balance that D L Design finds, through conceptual design, creating massing models, and selecting materials and finishes that create a unique and welcoming façade.

Food Service Design

Some industries require a deeper dive, where the pace of business and the unique needs have to work arm in arm with design. Food service goes beyond what the customer sees, with kitchen and back of the house design requiring different approaches to provide workflow that keeps up with customer expectations. Our team knows how to handle the needs of the industry, building it in behind a customer-side design that still maintains cutting-edge lighting and appearances.

Environmental Graphic Design

Setting the scene, guiding your customers through the experience, espousing your brand. We conceptualize style and décor for your building, helping to develop mood and image. We create a style guide featuring intent, renderings, and the graphics themselves, everything from department and category signs to wayfaring signs to help your customers navigate.

Fixture Design

Displaying your merchandising, presenting it in a light that entices the customer and grabs their attention, setting vignettes for your customers to conceptualize the product in their life. From off-the-shelf pieces to custom millwork design and conceptual visual merchandising design, we help you visualize the pieces in place.

Furniture Design

Every piece counts, with tables, chairs, and other furniture all being part of your brand story. From where it is positioned, to the shapes and sizing of the furniture, to the materials used, the furniture helps your customers to be comfortable. It can shape conversation, entice them to stay, drive desires. From venue layout to furniture modelling, rendering, and selection, D L Design handles it.

Lighting Design

Interior lighting sets the mood, guides your customers sight, sets your products in the perfect light. It helps colors to pop, food to look even more appetizing, while making customers comfortable. Just like on stage and screen, lighting in your environment is crucial. At D L Design, we create conceptual lighting design, develop RCP and lighting plans, and help you to create a mood that keeps clients returning.

Specialty Décor and Signage Design

Touches of personality, quirky designs, unique signs that show off your brand. Décor that expresses your company’s narrative. At D L Design, we love being given the chance to develop one-off paintings, signs, and objects that demonstrate our creativity and skill while giving you something that is personal, and not an off-the-shelf design that anyone can have.