At D L English, we believe in surrounding ourselves with openness. Our open office is emblematic of how it drives our culture. Our hearts and minds are open, to take in new ideas and new collaborators. Our eyes are open, observing the world and searching for new approaches. Our ears are opening, listening to the desires of our clients and providing them solutions beyond expectations.


Standing still is not an option. Our clients move forward, so must we. Our leadership team sees this as how we can better serve our clients, by allowing our own team members to explore potential, to grow personally and professionally. We encourage them to evolve, to look for what is the future instead of focusing on where the past lies. This helps D L English to maintain our edge and to constantly lead instead of follow, shape instead of conform.


Our leaders and our team are driven by a passion for creation and invention. Design isn’t just a career, it is what we love, and what we live. Passion drives engagement, engagement drives success, for our team, our company, and our clients.


One of the reasons we created D L English with capabilities above and beyond the normal design firm is our determination to see projects through to fruition. We don’t feel that completing half the project is acceptable, and we are determined to make sure every fixture and feature is not just designed to perfection, but built and installed with a sense of permanency.