We Aim To Wow

There is no need to sacrifice style for safety, to forsake beauty for functionality. Commercial design requires striking a balance, developing a space that doesn’t just impress the guest or customer, but that also maximizes potential and provides a return on investment that wows the client. It needs to capture the essence of the brand, while fitting with the spirit of the client and the community that surrounds them.

At D L English, we work with you to establish your commercial requirements, to create plans that take into account your business, your clients, your staff, and your budget. We feel that every space has limitless possibilities, and it is up to us to bring them out. We scrutinize every detail to ensure that your commercial space fulfills its promise, to that it functions as beautifully as it looks.

Unique Capabilities

Our team at DL Design understands the rigors of commercial design, which is why we provide unique abilities. By bringing together a variety of disciplines under one roof, we ensure that no problem goes unsolved and that we can dig until we find the right solution. Our visionary designers are backed by a technical team that understands the rigorous safety and habitability needs faced by commercial spaces, and that can make important structural decisions that range from window placement to floor design, to lighting and technological upgrades.

That’s where many design teams stop – we go further. To us, it’s not just enough to envision and sketch out space, we seek to see it through to fruition. Our in-house fabrication team can tackle unique projects that help your commercial space stand out, features and fixtures that can turn heads while expressing your brand and your own personality.