Beyond The Expected

Not every design firm can build what they design, taking work from an idea through to reality. Not every firm has expert artisan and craftsmen on hand, ready to show their skill. Because not every firm is D L Design.

Fabrication and Production

Our fabrication and production facilities allow us to go beyond the norm for a design firm. We know where to source materials, we provide millwork, painting, and CNC routing services, and our metal fabrication shop is staffed with expert craftsmen. We create unique, specialty fixtures, and will pack and ship designs to ensure that you can have D L Design’s creativity and expertise no matter where the final site is.


You need a design that can be repeated over and over, produced on a mass scale. While many firms can draw and model prototypes, D L Design is one of the rare ones that can produce full-sized prototypes so you can see the pure final result before finalizing plans. We create smart, repeatable, attractive prototypes to help your business get design quality, no matter where your next expansion is.

Fixture Fabrication

Your fixtures showcase your wares, setting a scene, giving your customer a place to check in, check out. Our ability to build custom fixtures, creating custom millwork and fixture fabrication from our own final millwork drawings, means your brand and your goods are properly showcased. There’s no settling for plain, run-of-the-mill shelving.

Custom Furniture Fabrication

A head-turning waiting lounge, a table with a story behind it. A bar utilizing recycled, sustainably sourced materials. A chair that is a work of art. Our ability to build custom furniture, utilizing materials from metal to plastic, wood to fabric, means you’ll be able to develop furniture to fit any space or use. When they ask you where they can buy one like? You can just tell them “You can’t.”

Custom Lighting Fabrication

Not all lighting can be brought off the shelf to meet your needs. Our ability to fabricate custom lighting – from unique fixture, to embedded lights, to one-of-a-kind artistic lamps – means we can create pieces that express your brand and your theme. Pendant lighting or wall-mounted, industrial to elegant.

Specialty Décor and Signage Fabrication

Our shop includes CNC routing services and metal fabrication, wood and plastics capabilities, direct-to-substrate printing capabilities, and even scenic and artistic painters. You don’t have to worry about designing specialty signage and décor, only to have to be turned away from firms who can’t build what they envision. Any specialty piece you design with us, we can make a reality.